ASK NOT what White Rock can do for YOU, but what you can do for WHITE ROCK!

If you LOVE White Rock and are a PHOTO SNAPPER (professional photographers included) or SOCIAL MEDIA JUNKIE and do not have a business (business owners who are not AMAZING White Rock Business Partners are also welcome to become just friends), but like to take photos and have a smart phone or tablet with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or other social media, you can help by using the hashtag #AmazingWhiteRock.

If you LOVE White Rock and are a PHOTO SNAPPER (professional photographers included) or SOCIAL MEDIA JUNKIE and do not have a business (business owners who are not AMAZING White Rock Business Partners are also welcome to become just friends), but like to take photos and have a smart phone or tablet with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or other social media, you can help by using the hashtag #AmazingWhiteRock.


We would like our AMAZING White Rock Business Partners to reward you for your efforts, in turn THANKING you for a few clicks, a photo and taps on your device. This is an idea under development to get businesses on board to get you FREE STUFF. Posting a pic and using the hashtag #amazingwhiterock will help get the attention of potential business partners, who may choose to offer prizes to people posting photos they like. For example: If your photo shows up on Instagram –   Twitter – or Facebook and they like what you posted – you could WIN. Any business could offer this even without being connected to us (without paying or owing us – FREE IDEA). As long as the photos are taken in White Rock and your posting has the hashtag #amazingwhiterock, feel free to post pics of sunrises, sunsets, the pier, the FAMOUS WHITE ROCK, your dog walking on the sidewalk, selfies with your friends, food & drink, classic cars on Marine Drive, etc. If your photos impress a local business, they could direct message you to offer you a reward (this is up to them, not to us).



A site to promote the AMAZING THINGS about White Rock & Area, British Columbia to the WORLD. YES we do have things to BRAG about, and with a visit to White Rock you will see FIRST HAND why. WARNING: You may want to stay and not go home (this happened to Ric Wallace – he never left).

The idea for the site came from being an Artist Walk ARTographer (The White Rock Beach Gallery) where Ric Wallace was and is  MARKETING* (not selling) his postcards, greeting cards, photo prints, magnets, canvas prints, acrylic prints to local residents and tourists. The most used word by visitors was AMAZING. You have AMAZING postcards, AMAZING greeting cards, AMAZING photos, AMAZING weather, AMAZING  sunsetsAMAZING  sunrisesetc.

People think it was AMAZING Ric Wallace was able to register the domain for $10,45 and it was not taken already. And the list goes on and on.

Listening to the visitors coming to White Rock Beach has inspired many of the 101+ White Rock Beach postcards & other products. Simply asking people where they come from has helped Ric learn from people’s first-hand experiences what they buy or are attracted to – by age, gender, nationality, country, etc. Ric Wallace has valuable marketing information not available to others. Also, by being a GOODWILL Ambassador for White Rock at the waterfront helps us collect valuable information; we do not get this information from the many stores that sell our products – just what has sold.

Ric Wallace has even walked all the streets in White Rock & South Surrey and has even taken the title Mr White Rock & the Postcard King– LOL.

AMAZING Sunsets, AMAZING Sunrises, AMAZING Food, AMAZING Ice Cream (see below), AMAZING Accommodations, AMAZING Weather, AMAZING Artists, AMAZING Postcards, AMAZING Greeting Cards, AMAZING Shops, AMAZING Services, an AMAZING Place to LIVE or VISIT. We are the ONLY city in Canada to have a Lucky Coin® – A local White Rock resident holds the Canadian Trademark. The movie Best of Luck had scenes filmed at the AMAZING White Rock Pier. White Rock is an AMAZING filming location. YES, if you had to use one word to describe White Rock – AMAZING would be it.

The visitors to The White Rock Beach Gallery coined the phrase AMAZING.
Ric Wallace (AKA Mr White Rock) was apparently the only one listening. He registered the domain and created the hashtag #AmazingWhiteRock.
He also registered and a few others.

increase SALES and TOURISM at the same time.

for your business and others!

We plan on working with one or two businesses at a time.
ASK NOT what White Rock can do for YOU, but what you can do for WHITE ROCK!



Promote White Rock Beach and your name / business / website to the WORLD. Ideal for hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, real estate agents, restaurants, gift shops, dentists, or any business catering to tourists or newcomers to British Columbia. Using the White Rock name in your business name - get the goodwill of investing in your local neighborhood.

Our premium sponsored postcards are printed on a thicker whiter stock, standing out from other postcards on the market. Want to sponsor a custom postcard with colour theme, subject, view, etc? Contact Ric Wallace and he will come up with an idea. Below are samples sponsored postcards with text printed on 5,000 postcards. CLICK HERE to see all current postcards.

back-of-card-jose sample-text-post

 Sponsor and receive postcards to sell* for $1.50 or give away:

  •  1,500 postcards for $250* (new postcard designs only)
    • You get 250 postcards
      • Sell for $1.50 (cost $1.00 each) and make a profit of $125 ($0.50 each) directly from your adverting.
      • 1,250 postcards will be sold though various retailers and at the beach* with your name on the back of the postcards.
  • 2,500  postcards for $350*
    • You get 350 postcards
      • Sell for $1.50 (cost $1.00 each) and make a profit of $175 ($0.50 each) directly from your adverting.
      • 2,150 postcards will be sold though various retailers and at the beach* with your name on the back of the postcards.
  • 5,000 postcards for $600* 
    • You get 1,000 postcards
      • Sell for $1.50 (cost 60 cents each) and make a profit of $900 ($0.90 each) directly from your adverting.
      • 4,000 postcards will be sold though various retailers and at the beach* with your name on the back of the postcards.
  •  10,000 postcards for $1,200*
    • You get 3,000 postcards
      • Sell for $1.50 (cost 40 cents each) and make a profit of $3,300 ($1.10 each) directly from your adverting.
      • 7,000 postcards will be sold though various retailers and at the beach* with your name on the back of the postcards.
    • NOTE: Sponsored postcards sold through retailers, online or at the beach are non profit sharing; sponsors benefit by having their name on our products. Reprints may have a minimum order of 5,000 as they have proven to be a good seller. There are other conditions that apply to sponsor a postcard. Contact Ric Wallace for details. Interested in postcards not under the brand? Ric Wallace can create one for you - see Sponsored postcards can also be sold as greeting cards.

White Rock photographer Ric Wallace has produced over 101 White Rock Beach (24 more planned for 2017) and 50+ Wildlife of Canada postcard and greeting card designs. Due to increases in production costs and not wanting to raise prices in stores, he is seeking sponsors to help offset production and printing costs. Ideal for individuals and families wanting to have a memorial keepsake or businesses wanting a unique opportunity to maybe gain more recognition by having their business name and website purchased by local residents and tourists as keepsakes or to be mailed around the world.

You can sponsor a current postcard in need of a reprint or a new design. Interested sponsors with the highest sponsoring level will be given first choice.

Want to see and receive some samples or more info? Contact Ric Wallace.

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The #WhiteRockBeach #Gallery THEN and NOW

mr-whiterock-620White Rock Beach Gallery founder ARTographer Ric Wallace shares some photos of how his galleries have evolved since spring 2015.wr-gallery-waterfrontThis was an early setup of the Now Famous White Rock Beach Gallery 2015. I had never set up one of these tents before. Things learned since then, dealing with wind from the ocean and trains. Noise of the trains, I NOW bring hearing protection. The above display stands are not practical for waterfront display use. The above setup has only one 24″ x 48″ table.


The above setup summer of 2016, FIVE – 24″ x 48″ tables are used, with rubber top mats to stop things from being blown away. Tables are leveled using customized hockey pucks and wood spacers. Custom-made postcard and greeting card pockets are mounted to tables and the poles of the tent. The tent was modified to allow it to support horizontal poles on the back and left side. Sixty pounds of ankle weights on the front poles help stabilize the tent in windy conditions. On display are postcards, greeting cards, magnets, 6″ x 8″ and 8″ x 10″ prints, 16″ x 20″ canvas prints, 20″ x 28″ acrylic prints, framed prints and magnets. Magnet boards are placed on the table to help create a wall of products. Many of the products are also online for sale on You can see an archive of some of my Instagram post photos here (BEST displayed on a computer):


Get the WOW-Factor with these 20″ x 28″ Acrylic Prints by ARTographer Ric Wallace
Seeing these photos as Acrylic Prints is an eye-popping experience. The combination of super-vivid printing, professional-quality materials, and the depth and details of these photos creates a truly magical effect.



Shown here is a THREE- 24″ x 48″ table setup in front of the White Rock Museum AUGUST 2015.


Below is early spring 2016 with FOUR – 24″ x 48″ tables making a perfect 6-foot square, with a hole in the center allowing 4 picture easels. Postcard and greeting card pockets mount to tables, allowing boxes and other items to be stored below neatly. People can walk completely around the display. An industrial designer visiting White Rock Beach was very impressed with the display setup; he stopped by to talk and see how it was set up.


Shown above is a 30″ x 60″ canvas print.


wrbg-004This White Rock Beach Gallery when setup in front of the White Rock Museum is wheel chair accessible.wrbg-005

Above is a FOUR – 24″ x 48″ table setup (ONE & THREE) July 2016 – trying a new concept.


Above is a THREE – 24″ x 48″ table setup Jun 25th, 2016 – trying a reduced setup to hasten set up and take down time.

Early spring 2015 a permanent uptown location was set up at  White Rock Pharmacy at 102 – 1440 George St., White Rock BCV4B 4A3. The good people of White Rock Pharmacy are offering Ric Wallace space on their walls to showcase his canvas prints. Some of the canvas prints on display and for sale.WhiteROCK-gallery-02

WhiteROCK-gallery-04 WhiteROCK-gallery-05




Some of the nice people I have met at the White Rock Beach Gallery..


Tumblr Archive


Tumblr Archive


Tumblr Archive


Tumblr Archive


Tumblr Archive


Tumblr Archive


WOW – a SHOE SALE at the New #Skechers Outlet in #Langley BC

skethers-01 On Sunday, October 25, 2015 we were on route to Costco in Langley BC and noticed the Sketchers Outlet was open for business. This was their second day of business at 100-19888 Langley Bypass, Langley BC V3A 4Y1skethers-02


skethers-03Sugar-toes had to stop and catch her breath when see saw all the shoes. She thought she had died and gone to heaven — SHOES EVERYWHERE — pink insoles, pink boxes.skethers-04

Lucky was LUCKY to find a pair of Skechers shoes the exact same colour and model of his worn out shoes that needed to be replaced. Skechers shoes are the BEST SHOE on the market, and Lucky convinced Sugar-toes to be a dedicated Skechers owner about 2 years ago.skethers-05 The staff was friendly and helpful and we got a few discounts. We were the first squirrels wearing glasses to shop there. Lucky first bought some Skechers over 3 years ago in the USA and will not buy anything else for his paws. With the Canadian dollar dropping in value, there is NO SAVINGS to be had going to Bellingham, WA for shoes. There is no border wait going to Langley from White Rock Beach. White Rock money is accepted at par in Langley. Lucky also gave them one of our Lucky Coins V3.0, and the store manager said she will keep it in the safe for GOOD LUCK for this new store for years to come. We wish the gang at Skechers Outlet much success. (Maybe all stores will want their own Lucky Coin – LOL)


skethers-06The last thing Lucky said was, I’ll be Back.

If you stop in this store, let them know Lucky and Sugar-toes told you about them.

We sell all Lucky Coins online - V1.0, V2.0 and V3.0
The Lucky Coin® retails for $19.95* / Lucky Coin® Keychain retails for $29.95*
* plus applicable taxes
These are some of the current White Rock Beach & area Lucky Coin® V3.0 retailers:
  1. - Buy Online - We ship worldwide.
  2. - Online Retailer
  3. White Rock Pharmacy 102 – 1440 George St., White Rock BCV4B 4A3

Ocean Park News is NOW in the White Rock Zone

Ocean Park News – Located in beautiful Ocean Park (South Surrey), may be be one of the LUCKIEST Lotto retailers in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Some past winning ticket sales include:

  • A $2.7 Million winning ticket
  • A $1.8 Million winning ticket
  • A $500,000 winning ticket
  • A $51,850 winning ticket
  • A $50,010 winning ticket
  • A $25,000 winning ticket
  • A $20,200 winning ticket
  • A $10,000 winning ticket
  • A $5,000 winning ticket
  • Maybe your ticket could be listed here
  • International Magazines
  • Tobacconist
  • Confectionery
  • Party Mixers
  • Key Cutting
  • Gift Items
  • Lotto Centre
  • British Specialties
  • Imported Goods
  • Photocopying
  • Fax Service
  • Postcards
Store Hours
Monday 9:00 am 6:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 6:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 6:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 6:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 6:00 pm

Statutory Holidays Closed


Do you sell stuff and want a SIMPLE way to process charge card payments?

 width= Easy-to-use tools for every little thing. From mobile point-of-sale tools and online invoicing to next-day deposits and inventory management, Square has everything you need to run your business anywhere. Virtual Edge Communications uses this COOL device to process charge card payments as well as document cash sales. We can use this on our iPad, Mini iPad or iPod (we do not have an iPhone). If you sell products or services, you can boost your sales by offering to accept charge cards. whiterockbeach-gallery-02 We use the Square device to accept sales at The White Rock Beach Gallery - Waterfront Promenade Gallery. Want to see how simple this Square is to use? Come to White Rock Beach and if we are set up, buy some postcards, greeting cards, magnets or canvas prints and we will show you how simple it is to use and email you a receipt, saving the trees for the squirrels or postcards. LOLWRBG-01

rickyThis is the ONLY location you can see all 80 White Rock / South Surrey postcards on display at the same time (even the winter and Christmas postcards – weather and time permitting, ARTographer Ric Wallace will have a 10′ x 10′ tent set up west of the White Rock Museum). WRBG-April-16-2105-07No CASH in your pocket?
NO PROBLEM we have a square if you have plastic.WRBG-April-16-2105-08



Follow us on TWITTER @BCwhiterock

Follow us on TWITTER @BCwhiterock